Thom Yorke gets the youtube treatment

Last week I posted Radioheads latest release, Lotus Flower, which includes Thom Yorkes unique dancing, which I can only describe as ‘free-form’.

It didn’t take long for the youtube community to create some interesting mash-ups, here are the best:

Thom raving to some Chase & Status:

Auditioning for The Black Swan:

And doing his own version of Beyonce’s Single Ladies:


The Daily Grind 21.02.11

-Libya protests mounting, and so cue the media reporting expensive assets that the ruling family own.

-Britain facing pressure over their dealings with Libya.

-Formula 1 awaiting talks with Bahrain regarding race. How many deaths until the country is considered unstable and unfit for a national sporting event? We’ll find out I guess.

-Shock in the financial world, as mortgages once again bleeding money, with Halifax facing £500mn in payouts to add to their losses.

-Obama ‘friends’ Zuckerberg on facebook.

-The Daily Mail finds a reason to call gypsies animals, part #7,667,554

The Sun have another feature on an obese youth. I assume this article is sandwiched between KFC and McDonalds ads in the print version?

-My girlfriend has herpes, should I dump her?, asks a confused young man to the ever informative Australian Bossy Blog

This weeks Singles (UK)

The most prominent single release of the week comes from Kanye West, with ‘All of the Lights’ feat. Rihanna, Kid Cudi et al. in a song that pretty much treads the same lyrical themes that Kanye and other rappers seem to love to tread over. And over. And over. And over. And over.

Other singles out include:

Alexis Jordan: ‘Good Girl’
Lupe Fiasco: ‘The Show Goes On’
Magnetic Man ft. John Legend: ‘Getting Nowhere’
Pink: ‘F**kin’ Perfect’
Take That: ‘Kidz’

Bieber killed on CSI…

Justin Bieber was shot and killed on his guest appearance on CSI, in what is probably the worst screen death acting of all time.  Yeah, I’m a hater.


Radiohead – Lotus Flower

With the release of The King of Limbs, Radiohead uploaded Lotus Flower, and video has amazingly neared to 3mn hits in just  a few days.

The song has had mixed reactions, and it just wouldn’t be a new Radiohead release without such an array of different opinions about their new direction.

Take a listen:

A new blog…

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