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The Daily Grind 21.02.11

-Libya protests mounting, and so cue the media reporting expensive assets that the ruling family own.

-Britain facing pressure over their dealings with Libya.

-Formula 1 awaiting talks with Bahrain regarding race. How many deaths until the country is considered unstable and unfit for a national sporting event? We’ll find out I guess.

-Shock in the financial world, as mortgages once again bleeding money, with Halifax facing £500mn in payouts to add to their losses.

-Obama ‘friends’ Zuckerberg on facebook.

-The Daily Mail finds a reason to call gypsies animals, part #7,667,554

The Sun have another feature on an obese youth. I assume this article is sandwiched between KFC and McDonalds ads in the print version?

-My girlfriend has herpes, should I dump her?, asks a confused young man to the ever informative Australian Bossy Blog